The No B.S. Terms & Agreement:


Space & Availability


  • Space is to be kept clean/maintained

  • Space is publicly rented on Peerspace and availability is dependent on booking

  • If space is booked, you will be notified ASAP as it needs to be available for renter



Dedicated Desk


  • Dedicated desk is for you to maintain

  • A filing cabinet is provided to lock any valuable items if you are away





  • Yosemite Place (building) has cameras outside of the building and in hallways

  • There are 3 cameras in studio: 1 in lobby facing the general space and 2 in the photoshoot space (facing equipment rack + shooting space)

  • Studio is not responsible for any of your items lost, damaged, or stolen



Payment, Security Deposit, & Cancellation


  • Minimum of 3 months

  • 1st and last month's payments are required upon signing

  • Invoice will be emailed on the 1st of the month

  • Due 2 weeks from date of invoice sent

  • 5% late fee applied every 7 days past due date

  • If building key is lost, a replacement fee of $50 will be charged

  • If filing cabinet key is lost, a replacement fee of $20 will be charged

  • Notice of 1 month if decided to cancel dedicated studio desk rental

Price: $845/mo

+ 1 Dedicated Desk

+ Access to studio 24/7

+ Dedicated key to building

+ August Lock access to the studio door

+ Access to photo/video equipment on an as-needed basis

+ Access to shooting space for photo/video

+ Access to mailbox (dedicated address)

+ Wifi (300Mbps Up/Down)

+ Stocked beverage fridge, microwave
+ coffee maker, filtered water

Rental includes:

This rental agreement is for a dedicated desk at the studio + access to the shooting space on an as-needed basis.

8:45a Studio is located at Yosemite Place:

1777 Yosemite Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94124.