I already know:


The thing that will stop you from potentially working with me is the price.


If you're still reading, I know you're interested in making this happen.


This is why I'm offering a 2-payment option:


Two (2) payments of $2500


We're not wasting any time, so I'm sharing my price now.


If you're ready, choose your payment plan, and let's start.

This is our schedule

On-going support

  • 1:1 access to assist on your pitch and proposals until you book your client


Weeks 3-4
Fine Tune

  • Pitch and presentation in cold email, DM, phone, and video call

  • Client outreach

Weeks 2-3

Client Discovery

  • Build a clientele Hit List

  • Hone in on pitch and presentation

  • Schedule mock client discovery call

Weeks 1-2

  • Product & service niche

  • Rates

  • Current client acquisition flow

  • Contact form

  • Pitch & presentation


When I began to take my photography seriously I became extremely overwhelmed with the business side. I had the “unteachable” things but the other side of things was lacking. JJ really helped me identify the areas that needed growth and then helped me with a course of action to actually make it happen. Since meeting with JJ I have had multiple shoots with new clients and feel way more confident quoting, sending in creative, and handling communication with my clients.


 When you have someone step into a mentorship or teacher role with you, you’d like for them to have done the things they are teaching you. JJ not only is an amazing teacher, he has walked the same road and is able to identify potholes and pitfalls that are ahead and helps me avoid.

Blake Raymond

Chelsea, Alabama

JJ helped big time with my brand and service I can offer to others! His ability to break down and explain his whole process. He’s taught me the valuable things I need to know in order to serve my clients as well as myself getting the most out of what I do.


Transparency in the good, bad, and himself. I would recommend JJ to others because he didn’t hold back. He was very personal with everything he taught and everything he did within his own business, which is hard to find these days. When doing a one-on-one lesson he tailors it perfectly to you. Would definitely recommend it to anybody!

Tyler Caisse

San Francisco, California

For many creatives beginning their careers, the goal is to focus on one thing: creating. The intensity of focus here, though admirable, can blur out the other necessary pieces of the endeavor, namely: sales. If a creative wants to make a living doing what they love, then learning sales and client acquisition is imperative, and neglecting this can lead to our downfall.


JJ reached reached out offering client acquisition coaching, at a time when I needed it most. I've never thought of myself as a salesperson, but as the years have gone by I began to learn the truth about a career in creativity (and really, a career anywhere): you need to be able to sell.


You need to know how to structure your proposals and contract. You need to have an outreach strategy. You need to know where your wants, your capabilities, where you can grow, and where you already shine. It doesn't matter if you have the best work out there. If you can't sell, you can't survive.


JJ helped by guiding me with all these things. He built my confidence by sharing the step-by-step process in which he's created a system to gain clients and create quality and meaningful work--and it's helped me gain clarity into who I am, what I uniquely provide, and helped me create a system to finding more clients as well as providing a structure for negotiation tactics to close better deals.

Erick Salazar

San Jose, Caliornia

My day rate as a photographer is $1200.


We will be meeting at least 4 times during our working term plus the countless times we'll be chatting with the task management tool I use.


So my fee is grounded on the basis of my day rate.


This isn't just a made-up number.


Why $4800?


I'm going to be transparent.


Here's my most recent invoice to a client:

One-time payment of $4800.


This isn't for you if:


- you are ok not making money as a creative

- what you do is just a hobby

- you don't want to grow your business

- you rather spend on the next piece of gear


This is for you if:


+ you feel you're not charging enough

+ you don't know how to charge more

+ you haven't systemized your approach to working with clients

+ you haven't established a contract and working terms with your client

+ you're not confident with your sales & pitch

Real messages from clients' texts and DM

This is a 30-day fast-track program to get you up to speed on what I know about selling as a creative.


You'll be able to apply and utilize what I know when I have closed clients with DoorDash, eBay, Wall Street Journal, Stanford, and more.

Based in San Francisco, CA

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+ Business Workflow audit

+ Contract and Communications audit

+ Sales Coaching for both email and phone/video pitches

+ Client On-Boarding and Off-Boarding best practices

+ Client Hit List & Outreach

+ 1:1 access to assist on your pitch and proposal until you book your client

SellingSales Consult

Here's the process:




We'll be doing a series of audits to determine your:


  • current process
  • tool stack
  • rates
  • communication workflow
  • contract/agreement


We want to ensure all your ducks are in order so you're ready to work with clients if and when they want to book you.





You're in the business of making money so we'll want to ensure you can make the most for your service.


We'll go over your current rate and see how we can scale it up and down for your client's needs.


We'll review your response and pitch on email and phone/video calls to ensure you are confident in your offer and presentation.


We'll schedule a series of mock emails and calls to get your practice reps in before we reach out to your ideal clientele.



Client On-Boarding and Off-Boarding


We'll outline what to do when on-boarding clients before production begins and how to off-board them once deliverables are completed.





After identifying and creating a client Hit List, we'll begin reaching out and warming up prospects to pitch your services to.


All tasks and requests are tracked on a task management tool that allows communication to be live and/or asynchronous.


If you're a creative and are charging for your services, this is for you.


In our 1-month 1:1 consulting period, we'll fine-tune your business, sales, and your process of scouting, pitching, and organizing prospects to acquire them as clients.


Our goal together is to get you on a discovery call with the prospect so you can close the sale to onboard them as a client.


Here's my guarantee:


I will get you on a discovery call with your prospect.


We won't stop working together until you book a client.

SellingSales Consult.