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+ Strategy

+ Copywriting

+ Email

+ On-brand graphic design

+ Landing page builder

+ Production (2x)

+ Social media posting

+ Reporting & Analytics 



Your In-House Agency

+ 2 Principle Photography Days for Cinematography + Photography

+ 2 long-form videos (< 10 min)

+ 2 revision requests

+ 4 90-second videos

+ 16:9 & 9:16 versions

+ 30 edited stills

Production (2x)


+ 1 Principle Photography Day for Cinematography + Photography

+ 1 long-form video (< 10 min)

+ 2 revision requests

+ 2 90-second videos

+ 16:9 & 9:16 versions

+ 15 edited stills

Production (1x)

+ Strategy + Copywriting

+ Landing page builder

+ Email

+ On-brand graphic design

+ Social media posting

+ Reporting & Analytics

Content Manager

+ Strategy + Copywriting

+ Landing page builder

+ Email setup & best practices

+ Email strategy

+ Email campaign & execution



+ Content strategy call 2x/month

+ Asynchronous communication

+ Content copy for blog, script, & posts


Strategy + Copywriting



The execution is simple:


We take one piece of content and publish it across all applicable platforms.


I call it the Content Flywheel.


This is how we're going to make it spin:


We start with long-form copy.


It's essentially your blog post (SEO still matters).


It then serves as your script for video.


I'll teach you how to use a teleprompter properly if you're going to be on-camera.


(Trust me: you'll want to spend less time as possible on recording when you can.)


We edit a 16:9 video for YouTube.


We then cut 9:16 short versions of vertical video for Instagram + TikTok.


Dancing to trending songs is optional. I won't judge.

During production, we'll capture photography including an eye-catching one to be used as a thumbnail for your video cover.


During production, we'll capture behind-the-scenes photography because we need content of making content.


We'll then take your copy and use it for captions + descriptions.


If you're on Twitter X, we'll use your copy to create threads.


Last but not least, we send off an email newsletter to your email list that you've been building pointing to that content published.


We step and repeat.


We engage with your audience that we're continuously building.


This isn't rocket science but it sure is work.


A lot of work.


Especially if you don't do video, photography, graphic design, and/or copywriting.


While this is what makes it all spin, we would have done the most important thing first:


Establish your CTA (call-to-action).


You ultimately need to drive traffic to where people can and will buy something from you.


It doesn't have to be on every content but you will eventually have to show them what you are selling.


And you're going to ask for that sale.


Creating content is a means to that end.


We'll have fun (as you should) but we'll have more fun knowing that you're reaching your target audience and revenue goals.


Consistency is key so pricing is per quarter (3 months).

Content Flywheel.