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JJ is a portrait and commercial photographer raised in Daly City, living in South San Francisco but will say he's based out of San Francisco. 


He is a proud Wildcat of St. Ignatius College Preparatory ('05) and Don of the University of San Francisco ('10).


When not photographing, you can find him browsing the internet for notable photography work, drinking Aeopressed coffee, reading a business book on his Kindle, or eating ice cream from Garden Creamery with his wife and daughter.

Eight forty five.


That's how to say it.


No need to say "a" at the end or “a.m.”.


I've been a photographer since high school starting in 2002 but I created this company when I honed in on video content in 2013.


My biggest peeve in production:


People being late.


As the saying goes, "If you arrive on time, you're late."


That's why I wanted to always arrive first.


When I started 8:45a, my primary clientele were producing videos for crowdfunding clients before Kickstarter and Indiegogo became household names.


I poured a lot of time and resources into these productions and because I shared a percentage of the total funds raised, a lot was riding on the hopes of the campaign succeeding solely based on the video.


When one of my favorite videos I produced failed, I quickly realized that what mattered more was the ability to market the campaign as a whole.


The quality of the video was just the cherry on top.


This is when I focused more on everything else that will make a successful marketing campaign:


Building an email list.




Sales psychology.


Content strategy.


It doesn't matter how great a piece of video or photography looks if no one sees it. 


Leveraging marketing strategies has been key to ensuring that your intended audience sees the video or photo produced and yields the desired call-to-action you're looking for.


Don't get me wrong: I can talk for hours about the aesthetics of a great-looking photo or video, and I'll definitely make every pixel and frame perfect.


But since you're in the business of making an impact, we'll be talking for days about your marketing strategy.


Let's talk.



- JJ Jumoc-Casas, Founder