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JJ he was able to advise many innovative solutions to help streamline my business. His expertise opened my eyes and gave me the knowledge to implement different tactics to not only acquire leads but to retain them in my database for the long run. With his guidance, he helped my business get more brand recognition and long-lasting relationships with my clients.

Victorio Li


JJ has been instrumental in getting our small biz up and running when it comes to our email marketing. Not only has he been great from start to finish (setting us up, providing best ongoing best practices, creating guides, providing training, growing our list, etc), he's gone above and beyond by looking out for things we may have missed and continually providing more resources that are emerging every day from sprucing up our marketing copy to exploring automation options to further push and challenge us.

Jennifer Nguyen



JJ has the expertise and know-how to create a brilliant plan for your brand. He already can see all the things you're missing and make necessary recommendations. Our audience and awareness grew because of this.

Patricio Ginelsa

Director, Kid Heroes Productions

JJ was instrumental in helping us understand available tools and sharing his knowledge on how we can create and build our brand. He set up meetings with us and helped us stay on track to achieve our goals.

Melissa & Jamison

Moonlight REInvestors

JJ is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute gem to work with. He is a talented storyteller and has created amazing content for our brand. He also has wonderful marketing ideas and the skills to really execute and provide results! He is a wealth of knowledge and skill and an absolute joy to work with.

Erin Lang

Garden Creamery

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I'm JJ, a photographer, cinematographer, copywritr, email marketer, & brand strategist.  


Don't hire me if you only need a photo or video.


Do hire me because you want a strategy to get your content and brand to where it needs to be.


Hire me to arrive first to your audience and market.